Upcoming Event(s):            Sponsor Annadan Seva

  Sponsor Annadan Seva

Celebrate Diwali on Sunday Oct 27th:

Diwali is celebrated the world over as festival of lights. Pray to Shri Sainath and seek his blessings for a happy and prosperous year ahead. Offer chaddar and seek Baba's blessings. To join and participate, please sponsor online, call at (847) 931-4058, text the temple at (224) 218-9029 or email at maildrop (at) saibaba dot org.

Dhanteras Pooja on Friday Oct 25th 7 pm:

Dhanteras is celebrated in honor of Goddess of Weath. Join in Shri Maha Laksmi pooja. Sponsor and pariticipate in this event either online or by visiting the temple on thes days. Please call at (847) 931-4058, text the temple at (224) 218-9029 or email at maildrop (at) saibaba dot org for questions, if any.

  Sponsor Annadan Seva

Karthik Pournima Samuhika Satyanarayan Pooja, Monday Nov 11th 6:30 pm(click or touch image for details):

Karthik Pournima Participate in Samuhika Satyanarayna Vrat Katha this holy month occuring on Monday Nov 11th starting at 6:30 pm.

The day will start with Kakad Arathi followed by Maha abhishek to Baba. After Dhoop arathi, Katha will follow ending with Shej arathi.

  Sponsor Annadan Seva

Annadana Bhukti @ Baba's Maha-Samadhi 101:

Annadana is a common and prefered activity suggested by all saints and pious souls universally. Please join us with family and friends at any time to thank Sri Sainath Maharaj for helping us, guiding us and being with us throughout the year and to seek His blessings at all times. To volunteer or offer Annadan, please text at (224) 218-9029 or email the temple at maildrop (at) saibaba dot org

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