Dear our Baba

You are a magical spirit. You can create magic everywhere and at any time. You remember, around 2014-15 when I was truly & fondly wanting to see you. I was crying and became restless as well because I want to see you, want to get you, want to feel you earnestly. Shirdi Sai baba At times I was quite sure you will soon reply to me either in real form or in any other form. And it happened you kept my wish. One fine morning Baba's face has clearly appeared on the wall of my room. It is so prominent that I can't believe my eyes and started crying. As if Baba himself was smiling and telling from the wall that "you called me with all your heart and so why I am here. You can now get me, feel me, touch me through this visibility."

From that day onwards Baba is here with me in my house. And Baba's face brights and shines each day. We all know Baba chooses his devotees & when he entered one's life, our topsy-turvy life turned in to a beautiful & peaceful life. Just want to say, We all love you, Be with us.

by Smaranika Banerjee