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During the last thursday of every month, annadan (feed the hungry) seva is done in Baba Temple at a chosen location in India and on every thursday at the Shirdi Sai Temple in Chicago.  In addition, the Sanstha partners with Food Banks acorss USA to run programs for fight against hunger. Venues and locations are subject to change and are dependent on the contributions made. If you would like to suggest a location please send an email to us.

Annadan or food giving has been recommended as a means of charity since ancient times. Baba also said , "Sitting in this masjid (dwarkamayee) I shall never speak untruth. Take pity on me like this: first give bread to the hungry and eat yourself. Note this well" (Shri Sai Satcharita). 

"By feeding the poor, taking them to be forms of God, without caring for the fruits of your actions you can gather the merit of feeding a thousand brahmins. Also, you can feed just one saint. A saint is one with the whole world. Hence feeding a saint means feeding the world." (talks of Shri Upasani Maharaj, the loftiest creation of Shri Sainath). Once the saint has left his or her body one can still feed the saint by feeding the assembled devotees at the saints' ashram or temple.

Shri Sainath also further said, "Know for certain that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an axiom truth". (Shri Sai Satcharita). Keeping that tradition alive, Shirdi Sai Baba Sanstha performs periodic annadanam service for the needy at various venues. 

We invite you to register and join us in this service by contributing to the extent you can. For questions regarding this sevice or comments, please call or contact us by email or text.